Our Story

A Little History

We opened our doors in 2008 providing custom crush services to local wineries. In 2010 we began private labeling for many of the largest retail grocery stores and chain restaurants in the country. By 2013, we expanded our offerings to include regional control brands, custom wine projects, and our first national brands. Then in 2019 we purchased Summerland Winery and changed our name to Summerland Wine Brands in July of that year.

Summerland Wine Brands makes wines that express the spirit of California’s renowned wine growing regions.

A Little Geography

Just beyond Santa Barbara County’s storied sunshine, sand and crashing surf, and you’ll find a wine region with breathtaking natural beauty: the Santa Ynez Valley. The unique geographic feature of the valley is the traverse orientation of the mountains. The cool ocean air comes in from the East and brings reprieve from the summer heat. Drive along Highway 246 and watch the temperature rise one degree per mile.

Where We're Going

Our eyes are turned toward the future by continuing to build strong relationships with our customers. Working sustainably is incredibly important to us. We are approved for receiving, storing, and bottling “organic” wines by the organization California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF). As our business continues to grow, we are focused achieving sustainability across every area of the company.

Crafting Exceptional Wines

Grapes & Sourcing