Our Story

Behind the Barrels

Our success story starts in our Santa Barbara County-based winery. We’ve combined the latest in state-of-the-art technological advances with thoughtful, hands-on winemaking practices to create an evolving portfolio of national brands, including Summerland, King Chancho, Insomnia and Flavorbomb.

Summerland Wine Brands crafts wines that express the spirit of California’s renowned wine growing regions.

Where We Came From

Look a little inland, just beyond Santa Barbara County’s storied sunshine, sand and crashing surf, and you’ll find a wine region where breathtaking natural beauty meets technological vision. It is here that we built our forward-looking winery with a deep respect for traditional practices—and it has proven ideal for a California-centric wine company.

With an unwavering focus on growth, Summerland is poised to maximize its already strong position as an industry leader.

Where We're Going

Our eyes are turned toward the future, with plans to enhance our vineyard partnerships, create crowd-pleasing brands that over-deliver on price point and identify technologies and practices that will secure our leadership in the ever-evolving wine industry.

Crafting Exceptional Wines

It Begins in the Vineyard