Our Wine Portfolio

Summerland Wine Brands offers an ever-evolving collection of crowd-pleasing, California-crafted wines at appealing price points.

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Located in Santa Barbara County’s quaint seaside town of Summerland, Summerland Winery boasts an impressive lineup of refreshing wines derived from California’s most renowned coastal growing regions.

King Chancho

Rich, rowdy, and full of rustic flavor, King Chancho wines capture the outlaw spirit found in California’s most rugged winegrowing regions.


Let’s stay up! Insomnia is the ideal companion for long nights when the creative juices are flowing, when the band is rocking out or when the business—like your wine—has reached its tipping point. When things are getting good, Insomnia is just more reason to keep going ‘til dawn.


POP goes the flavor! Semi-sweet, super sultry and available in both traditional 750ml bottles and convenient 375ml cans, Flavorbomb is an explosive blend of wine with ripe fruit flavors that sizzle where others fizzle.