Our Vineyards

Row by Row, Vine by Vine

Each vineyard in the Summerland Wine Brands portfolio tells a story of California’s innovative wine pioneers—visionary men and women who built an industry from nothing more than dirt, hills, water and sunshine. Winemakers who choose California as their nexus have access to exquisite fruits to craft wines with impeccable quality. We work tirelessly to unearth vineyards that meet our exacting standards.

The Search Never Ends

We’ve got boots on the ground, and miles on our trucks. We explore the hidden corners of California’s top wine regions to identify and procure the best possible fruit.

Our grower network is built on a foundation of respect and collaboration. These long-term relationships allow access to the best vineyards throughout California.

Every wine begins with thoughtful vineyard selection and careful attention to the vines.

The Perfect Blend

From windswept coastline to sizzling inland valleys and jagged mountain peaks, California’s diverse terrain is a winemaker’s playground.

Your Vision, Your Way

Crafting Exceptional Wines